Treat yourself to a world of distinctive flavors with a visit to the colorful and always enticing Savi's Wine Shop. Located on the fringes of New Bern’s downtown area, and distinctive for its historic home setting with a coastal green exterior, this beloved wine shop has an exciting assortment of vintages to cater to any New Bern local or visitor with exceptional taste.

Savi's Wine Shop has countless varieties of wines from all over the globe, and the owners have taken considerate care in selecting each unique and delicious bottle. Housed within a historic 1770s former residence, visitors will be surrounded by history as they peruse the eye-catching and impressive variety, and select their favorites. In addition to the countless wines for sale, Savi's Wine Shop also features a wealth of events throughout the year, including weekly wine dinners with incredible pairings, Savi Design Events for creative sipping, and even an outdoor venue which is the host of public and private parties. With so many ways to indulge and relax, while exploring a veritable world of wines, Savi's Wine Shop serves as a delicious and always delightful destination to toast another beautiful day in the heart of historic New Bern.

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New Bern
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